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About Us

The Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo is a business networking event tailored specifically to those in ethnic communities running or thinking about setting up their own business. Held for the first time in Blanchardstown on the 9th March 2018, the Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo was a collaboration between PhoenixRize and Fingal Local Enterprise Office.

The organisers of the event are aware of the multiple difficulties which ethnic entrepreneurs in particular encounter as they strive to get a business off the ground in the Irish market today. The Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo aims to tackle these issues head on, to give voice to them and problem solve in a collaborative capacity.

A key part of the event is networking. It has been seen time and again how important a strong network of like-minded, success driven people can be along the path to building a successful business. While there are strong ethnic community groups around the country, these may not always be the best place to discuss business. Attending a networking event such as the Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo allows ethnic entrepreneurs from all parts of the community and all sectors to come together, share opinions and gain support from their peers.

The Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo brings diverse business owners together to build business connections, share experiences and potentially develop opportunities to work together. It provides this specific group of entrepreneurs with access to the information and support they require to make their business a success in a warm, friendly, professional atmosphere.

In 2018, the event included the following elements which played a major part in its success:

  • Networking

  • Panel Discussion – focus on experiences of Ethnic Entrepreneurs

  • Workshops

  • Audience Participation

We were eager to invite speakers from those agencies who work with entrepreneurs and can help them to access the supports they require. This year, these included representatives from banks, Microfinance Ireland and other funding agencies. These speakers walked attendees through the process of applying for grants and other types of funding in a clear, easy to understand way.

Mission Statement

The Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo is a business event which supports ethnic entrepreneurs in the Dublin area to reach their goals. It provides access to like-minded individuals as well as public bodies who work with new businesses so that the ethnic entrepreneurs feel art of a business community upon which they can draw in future.

How the Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo Can Benefit You

The Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo is beneficial to both members of the ethnic business community and those who would like to engage with them. We know that businesses do not exist in a vacuum, we need other people with whom to do business with to thrive. This includes customers, suppliers, advocates and support systems. At the Ethnic Entrepreneurs Expo, we aim to bring all of these elements of the business community together so that we can all grow together.

If you are an ethnic entrepreneur, or someone with a vision to open a business in the future, you will find other business owners who have been through the same process as you. By networking with them you can find out lots of useful information for example, they may share how they overcame difficulties, strategies that work for them and where they market their business. This sharing of information is hugely beneficial to business owners and the friendships that arise will stand to you also.

If you are an Irish business owner, member of a government or state agency or financial institution, the Ethnic Entrepreneur Expo is a great place to meet potential clients for your organisation. If you work with new business owners to provide supports, then you will meet many people who could benefit from your service at our event. Likewise, ethnic entrepreneurs need all the services that every business owner needs. If getting to know some ethnic entrepreneurs would enrich your business, then please join us.

The Organiser

Adaku Ezeudo

Adaku Ezeudo is a Diversity & Inclusion Consultant at PhoenixRize with expertise in Community Integration Strategies including training, coaching, mentoring, programme development, community capacity building and event management. She is the Founding Director of i-Smile International, a charitable organisation, set-up in 2013 and registered in Ireland & Nigeria to put smiles on the faces and in the hearts of vulnerable and marginalised women. Adaku is also the founder of Ufest, an intercultural event to celebrate diversity in Ireland.

She holds a Master’s degree in Development Studies from Kimmage Development Studies Centre and a Post Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender and Social Justice from UCD. Adaku is an avid learner, a people person and an unshakeable optimist. She enjoys networking, travelling, adding value and is very passionate about helping people and communities rise to the full potential.